Our servise for you

Not only do we sell Kenwood Radios and offer individual solutions for radiocommunications, we also offer a list of additional services for specified for Motorsport


We try to advise you on all subjects regarding radio communication, data transfer and finding the perfect equipment for you. In most cases we can fall back to more than 25 years of experience.


We repair KENWOOD radios, RACECOM radiosystems, cablelloms, helmetkits and will try to help repair products of other manufactures on site as far as possible.

Service on site

We offer exclusive service trough our experienced staff on site - no matter if it is a national or international event. For Repairs, Spares and additional equipment our servicetrucks and partners will always be there to support you. You can , for example, find our staff on site at all GT Masters Races, VLN Races and the main 24 H races.

Frequency application

We can apply for freuqncies globaly and reprogram and reset your radiosystem to the requiered specification via datafiles sent by email.

Repair service

Reprogramming of radioa Installation of helmetkits Installatiuon of radiosystems Sales of spares and accessories Measuring of looms and cables

Maintenance of equipment

A radiosystem in modern motorsport has a vital role in beeing a successful racing team. This is the reason your radiosystem should be maintenanced and looked after regulary. By having your system serviced professionally the efficiency and reliability of your equipment is ensured and you will maintain radiocoverage and the best possible speech quality. Weak points in the system can be detected early and be eliminated to avoid hassle on site. Of course this all will also extend the lifetime of your radiosystem.

All listed services will be charged according to complexity, expenses, charges and cost of material. Shipping to be invoiced separatly.