RACECOM - is known for specific radio solutions for more than 20 years. And never has radio communication been more important than in modern motorsport. For the last 25 years Racecom has produced cablelooms and arielsytems for acecars. Building personalized headsets with digital noisereductionfilter and multibutton channelselection, professional pitstand solutions or complete radiosystems and safetysystems for complete racetracks. Nothing is impossible. Thinking outside the box has always been one of the strongest sales points.

Frank Erdman, who himself has been active in radiocommunications in Motosport for 28 years, explains his business philosophy as follows: " The challenge is to convert the customer requierements to their 100% satisfaction. Of course nowadays the technical possibilities have changed a lot in the past years."

As, one of the official partner of Kenwood, Peltor and Sennheiser in Motorsport, Racecom also has the advantage of being able to fall back on their experience too.

To guarantee , that everything works without fault, Racecom offers a complete service spectrum to all customers. From planning and building the radiosystems, servicing them on site, Programming them and of course making all necessary frequency applications worldwide. This only works thanks to the great Service on site provided to teams and organizations. No matter if ADAC GT MASTERS, ATS FORMEL 3, FORMULA RENAULT 2.0, DTM, VLN, DMV, ILMS, JK SERIES or the traditional 24 hour races.... Racecom is always there to support their customers....



Frank Erdmann

Richard Wagner Strasse 34
68165 Mannheim

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